Controlling Led Brightness With an Arduino Uno Board

Controlling Led Brightness With an Arduino Uno Board

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The video is project given below

Welcome friends to a world of robots. Let’s start with a simple project of controlling a led’s brightness


Resistor 330 ohm
Rotary Potentiometer
Male/Male Jumper Wires
Arduino Uno
Arduino IDE

Step 1: Connections

Now let’s talk about the connections of the Led, Resistor, and the Potentiometer with the Arduino
Please follow the circuit diagram given.

Connections are:

Potentiometer T1 to Arduino pin 5v
Potentiometer T2 to Arduino pin GND
Potentiometer Out to Arduino pin A0
Led + to 13
Led – to GND

Step 2 : Code

As we are familiar with the connections , let’s upload the code.
For the code visit :

Step 3 : Testing 

Now let’s test the code.
1. Open the downloaded sketch.
2. Connect the arduino to your device.
3.Click tools and select the board and the port no. In our case, the board is Arduino-Genuino Uno
4.First compile the program and then upload it.
5.After Uploading the code, rotate the potentionmeter knob and play with your first arduino project.
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